About Us

We are quality management professionals who specialise in medical product manufacturing. We work to save lives. We do this by combining the best of engineering, quality, manufacturing, and supplier management to deliver superior medical product quality.

AMREP MedQuality is part of the global AMREP Supplier Management Services group, a leading provider of third party Total Supplier Quality and Production Management Solutions. We have operated for over 30 years across the world and are proud to be the supplier quality partner to Fortune 100 companies. We are also extremely proud to have our beginnings in Dr. Joseph Juran’s quality management practices (we actually met and worked with him in Asia), and to have pioneered third party quality management in many low-cost manufacturing countries.

Highly Experienced

We have all held senior positions in major OEMs. We’ve led supplier quality management initiatives and have extensive hands-on production experience across the world.

Delivering Product Quality

We work on-site at your or your supplier’s production facilities to represent your interests and production performance expectations. We drive production performance to deliver top quality medical products.

Production Professionals

We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with production experience. We are manufacturing engineers, supplier quality engineers, quality inspectors, procurement engineers, continuous improvement/Six Sigma managers and much more. We know how medical products should be made and how factories work.

Our Services

On-Site Supplier Verification

Separate truth from fiction. We have a global network of independent quality management personnel who will physically visit your suppliers to verify their statements, products, and production. We are your eyes, ears, and boots on the ground. We report our findings to you.

Product Quality Control

We oversee your product quality from start to finish. Working on-site at your production or supplier facility, our supplier quality engineers develop quality management plans and implement process controls to deliver sustained product quality. Our quality inspectors also conduct third party product inspections along every stage of the production process, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product and before shipment.

Manufacturing Resource Solutions

Do you, or does your supplier, need to rapidly expand your manufacturing capabilities and workforce? We have highly skilled production staff located in key industrial areas across Asia, Mexico, the USA and other parts of the world. We all have experience working with contract manufacturers, major suppliers and OEM medical device companies. Contact us now to see how our flexible workforce can be a quick and effective solution to your resource needs!

Supplier Searching and Sourcing Support

Leverage on our knowledge of low-cost supplier markets in Asia and Mexico. We use our skills in procurement engineering, manufacturing, and quality management to help you find the right supplier for your product. Save time and effort in trawling through supplier lists. As a third party company we act purely in the buyer’s interests.

Pre-Shipment/Pre-delivery Product Checks

Are you worried that your supplier will send you a whole lot of defective and poor quality products? Or that your supplier will not meet the terms of your order? We can help. Our quality inspectors will go to your supplier and check that the products you’re getting are indeed what you’ve ordered. We check for: Right Quality, Right Product, Right Quantities, Right Production Parameters.

Production Monitoring and Technical Support

The greatest challenge in successful product manufacturing is being able to keep an eye on your supplier’s production. Relying on your supplier’s customer quality engineer or customer service team is not enough because you need 100% dedicated attention to your interests. Our production engineers can be deployed on-site to constantly monitor your production and implementation of your requirements. We work as an on-site extension of your team to keep production on track and to provide additional technical support to you and supplier.

COVID-19 Medical Manufacturing Support

At AMREP MedQuality, we are distressed to hear accounts of faulty product shipments. We are also worried at the increased numbers of unverified suppliers saying that they can produce COVID suppliers i.e. ventilators, masks, and PPEs.

As a third party supplier quality management company, we consider it our moral duty as global citizens to do what we can to help. We stand for honesty, integrity, quality, and supplier/supply chain transparency.

We believe that production knowledge is not limited by physical borders. Our global network stands ready to offer production and supplier management assistance to anybody who is purchasing or manufacturing COVID-19 medical supplies. Matters we can assist with include: on-site verification of suppliers who say that they can make PPEs, quality process implementation, production support, third-party production monitoring, and pre-shipment checks on your medical supplies purchases.

For suppliers, we can contribute our technical knowledge and workforce to help you ramp up production and meet your customer orders. We can also provide additional manufacturing resources to help you initiate and bring PPE production on-line at your facility.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can work with you to save lives.

Our Knowledge

Here’s a quick run-through of some of the things we know: GMP, FDA medical device regulations, ISO 13485, DfX, DfMA, internal/external quality auditing, quality engineering tools (APQP, SPC, FMEA, GR&R, Root Cause Analysis, CAPA etc), documentation control, process engineering, quality inspection techniques, NPI, product transfers, production management, data collection and analysis, and continuous improvement/OPEX processes. We work at all levels – from the production line to working with top management to bring about whole-of-organisation, system-wide, sustained production quality improvements.

Our knowledge of manufacturing is at the process and materials levels. We know about FATP processes, injection moulding, extrusion, metal-forming, electronics manufacturing, components, and assembly processes. Some of us also hold IPC qualifications in PCBs. There’s a lot more we have to share!

We work with medical devices as they move through the production process. That means, you can find us being involved with elements such as electronics sub-assemblies, batteries, plastic casings, PCB boards, tubings, screen displays, metal parts, and even the screws that go into cardiovascular devices.


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Our Locations :

We have 400+ quality management professionals across: the USA, Mexico, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Our key regional offices are in the USA (Florida), Mexico (Guadalajara), China (Shenzhen), and Thailand (Bangkok).

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